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 S T A T E M E N T . 2 0 1 7 .  M A S E R U .  L E S O T H O

A C H A P  B I E N N I A L  C O N F E R E N C E
 S T A T E M E N T . 2 0 1 7 .  M A S E R U .  L E S O T H O

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Nearly 120 faith leaders and global health experts met for 3 days and deliberated on building partnerships for faith-based health systems strengthening toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals during the 8th Biennial Africa Christian Health Associations Platform Conference held on February 26 -March 3, 2017, in Thaba Bosiu Cultural Village, Maseru, Lesotho.

Recognizing that: Christian Health Associations provide a significant amount of health service and they recognize the need for evidencing this contribution. CHA’s acknowledged the need for capacity building for both qualitative and quantitative evidence that can verify their contribution to healthcare.

Committed to: CHAs’s committed to work with partners towards achieving the SDGs and look forward to continued collaboration with international, national and within our national health systems.

Bearing in mind that: There exist CHA’s that find themselves in fragile states, as a community of CHA’s, we commit to supporting fragile states through sharing capacity and exchanging best practices among CHA networks. CHA’s also commit to be transparent and show a good account of resources bestowed to them even in resource constrained settings.

Noting that: CHA’s have traditionally had a pro-poor approach to health provision and that we commit to align ourselves to UHC values of equitable access to healthcare.

Call upon: The United Nations, Africa Union, SADC and other developmental partners to collaborate more closely with Faith Based Organizations.

Stresses: The need for data-driven service provision statistics by CHA’s and the need for continual engagement with the government in times of financial uncertainty.

Call for: Collaborative partnership in order to strengthen international, regional initiatives towards the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals.


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