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ACHAP Governance Structure
The CHAs 3rd Biennial Conference held in Bagamoyo, Tanzania in January 2007 established the Africa CHAs Platform Secretariat through the “Declaration of Commitment”. CHAK was requested to develop a Concept Paper to set up the Platform Secretariat which was to be hosted at CHAK Secretariat in Nairobi. The  Platform Secretariat was established in May 2007 with financial support from WCC and DIFEAM. In order to ensure sustained ownership, participation, transparency and accountability that would enrich the work of the Secretariat in serving the Platform objectives and aspirations, a governance structure was developed that would enhance participation in programmes and decision making. The Governance structure has been further enhanced through the decisions of the 4th and 5th ACHAP General Assembly and the adoption of a new Constitution in October in 2011.

ACHAP Governance structure has the following key organs;

 General Assembly – that comprises all ACHAP members which should meet biennially to provide overall policy direction and elect the Board members.

 ACHAP Board – made of 5 members representing the CHAs from 4 regions of Africa who are elected by the General Assembly. The Board is responsible for policy development, planning, resource mobilization, advocacy and oversight to the secretariat.

• Technical Working Groups (TWG) – these are thematic teams of CHAs coordinated by the Secretariat which facilitate capacity building, networking and advocacy in an identified thematic area. Currently ACHAP has 4 TWGs; Human Resources for Health (HRH), Maternal & Child Health, Advocacy & Communication and Health care financing & sustainability.

• ACHAP Secretariat – located in Nairobi, Kenya, the Secretariat is responsible for the day-to-day operations of ACHAP, communication and maintenance of the membership directory,

The ACHAP Organizational structure is as below;

ACHAP Organizational structure