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  • PEPFAR Faith Based Organizations Collaboration

In May 2012, The U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) convened the PEPFAR Consultation on the Role of Faith-based Organizations in Sustaining Community and Country Leadership in the Response to HIV/AIDS. This East African regional forum was held to examine the critical capacity of FBOs for HIV prevention, care,and treatment and to generate recommendations for collaborative, sustainable impact. The Africa Christian Health Associations Platform helped in convening this imporatant consultation that was held at Jumuia Centre, in Nairobi Kenya.

See report below

In 2015 PEPFAR held a follow-up consultation on Strengthening Partnerships Between Faith-Based Organization and PEPFAR towards building their Capacity for Sustained Responses to HIV.

The goal of the follow-up consultation was to Identify, describe, and strengthen the distinctive contributions of faith-based organizations in support of sustained, effective, country-led responses to HIV/AIDS in collaboration with PEPFAR.

The consultation gave some recommendations which can be viewed on the link below:



Breaking news on developments in health among Christian Health Associations in Africa:


Dear ACHAP Members,The Evidence to Action for Strengthened Family Planning and Reproductive Health Services for Women and Girls (E2A) Project is issuing the attached Invitation for Proposals (IFP) to Strengthen Family Planning Service Delivery among Members of the African Christian Health Association Platform (ACHAP). E2A is USAID’s global flagship project for strengthening family planning and reproductive health service delivery.

Please find the following documents attached to this email: 1) Invitation for Proposal “Final ACHAP Subgrant IFP issued June 20- 2013” and 2) an attachments folder that contains documents that all applicants must fill out, as applicable, and submit for consideration of award.

If your organization is interested in submitting a proposal, please inform Dr. Salwa Bitar at . The deadline for submission ha been extended to 18th August.



On May 28–30, 2012, PEPFAR organized a regional consultative forum in Limuru, Kenya in collaboration with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), St. Paul’s University, and the Emory University Interfaith Health Program. Entitled The PEPFAR Consultation on the Role of Faith-based Organizations in Sustaining Community and Country Leadership in the Response to HIV/AIDS, the Consultation included 98 participants representing 58 different FBOs, along with partners from Ministries of Health and U.S. Government Agencies, in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Participants discussed opportunities for faith-based organizations to enahnce their role in sustaining community and country-led responses to HIV/AIDS.

The report can be viewed by clicking the following link:



The Africa Christian Health Associations’ Platform (ACHAP) has yet again achieved another organizational development milestone by attaining the status of an international faith based NGO with mandate in Africa, following the issuance of a Certificate of Registration by the Government of Kenya on 4th May 2012.  ACHAP has been issued registration under the NGOs Coordination Act of 1990. This marks a significant milestone in the organizational development of ACHAP, which had since its inception operated under the legal umbrella of the Christian Health Association of Kenya (CHAK).

ACHAP was established in May  2007 following a consensus declaration that was made by Christian Health Associations and Church Health Networks during the 3rd Biennial Christian Health Associations (CHAs) Conference held in Bagamoyo, Tanzania in January 2007. CHAK was mandated to establish and host the Secretariat in Nairobi, Kenya and the initial seed funding was provided by the World Council of Churches (WCC) and DIFEAM from Germany.  The 4th Biennial CHAs Conference which was held in Kampala, Uganda recommended further organizational development of ACHAP with focus of communication, advocacy, networking and capacity building of CHAs. More partners came on board to support the vision of ACHAP and assist in the recommended organizational capacity development. These included; ICCO, Cordaid, Miserior, IMA WorlHealth and USAID through the Capacity project 

The legal registration of ACHAP marks the culmination of a journey which was started during a workshop of ACHAP on governance held in Kampala in October 2010 which recommended to the 5th Biennial ACHAP General Assembly the need to pursue legal registration of ACHAP as a regional/international NGO. A Constitution was drafted by the Secretariat which received a lot of input from the ACHAP members and development partners. The final draft of the Constitution was discussed in detail by the 5th Biennial ACHAP Conference and General Assembly which met in Accra. Ghana in February 2011.   A Taskforce was appointed to ensure all the recommendations of the General Assembly were adequately incorporated and to process the legal registration. The Taskforce members were;
• Nick Shayien – from CHAN (Nigeria)
• Dr Gilbert Buckle – from CHAG (Ghana)
• Dr Ndilta Djekadoum - from Chad
• Dr Sam Orach – from UCMB (Uganda)
• Dr Samuel Mwenda – from CHAK (Kenya)
• Rose Kumwenda Ng’oma – from CHAM (Malawi)
The Taskforce held a meeting in Mombasa, Kenya in October 2011 together with representatives of ACHAP development partners; Dr Munoj Kurian (WCC), Christina de Vries (Cordaid), Frank Dimmock (PCUSA) and Doris Mwari (IMA WorldHealth). The meeting was also supported by resource persons in communications, law and organization development.

The Taskforce achieved the following outputs;
i. Finalized the ACHAP Communication Strategy
ii. Developed ACHAP vision, mission, core values and finalized on the purpose and objectives
iii. Agreed to process ACHAP registration in Kenya
iv. Accepted to transform the taskforce into an interim Board for the purposes of the registration pending elections of the Board members by the 6th ACHAP Biennial General Assembly to be held in Lusaka, Zambia in February 2013. The officials are; Chairman – Dr Gilbert Buckle, Vice-chairman – Dr Dilta Djekadoum and Secretary – Dr Samuel Mwenda
v. Developed terms of reference for Technical Working Groups (HRH, Maternal & Child Health, Communication & Advocacy, HMIS and Health care financing & sustainability
vi. Charted a road map for the development of ACHAP Strategic Plan

Download full story here: ACHAP attains legal registration



ACHAP members, acknowledging their unique dual role of advocacy and service delivery towards improving access to quality health care have dedicated their 5th Biennial Conference and General Assembly meeting to be held in Accra in February 2011 to discussing accomplishments with regards to MDG's 4&5. 

Towards this end, the 5th Biennial ACHAP conference will be based on the theme: IMPROVING WOMEN’S AND CHILDREN’S HEALTH IN AFRICA; FBO RESPONSE TOWARDS MDG TARGETS.

The links below provide information on the concept of the conference as well as the Registration form:


5. ACHAP holds successful workshop on Governance and HMIS

The Africa Christian Health Associations Platform held its second workshop this year at the Hotel Triangle in Kampala, Uganda between 20-22 September 2010. The workshop centred on enhancing CHAs accountability th rough governance and HMIS.

A total of 40 participants attended including ICCO and CORDAID, who are partners of the Platform. Participants included directors, board members of CHAs, Executive Directors and General Secretaries, management and senior staff.

The keynote address in corporate governance was delivered by Japheth Katto, the CEO of the Capital Markets Authority in Uganda.

Click here to read more on the succesful workshop on HMIS and Governance.

  • ACHAP Regional HR specialist gives interview on HR work to CHAs

The ACHAP Regional HR specialist who represents the ACHA Platform in Human Resource in Health (HRH) meetings was in Washington DC in October where she shared her experiences and challenges with working with faith-based health associations. She talked of the importance of FBO's in health, the expectations of other players in health and challenges in Human Resources in Health. Click on this link to read about the interview.

6. ACHAP-CCIH advocacy to U.S Congress

The General Secretary of CHAK, Dr Samuel Mwenda held advocacy meetings with the US Congress in the month of June 2010 to advocate on the need to scale up support to Reproductive Health services in Africa.CHAK is the Secretariat for the Africa Christian Health Associations’ Platform (ACHAP) and Dr Mwenda has served as it’s coordinator since it’s inception in 2007. ACHAP is a member of the Christian Connections for International Health (CCIH) of USA which has 134 affiliate member Christian Organizations involved in International Health. CCIH has conducted a study among it’s member organizations which has confirmed that member organizations have interest, capacity and commitment to support Reproductive Health/Family Planning services but were faced with the constraint of lack of resources.

Read more about the successful ACHAP-CCIH advocacy trip to the U.S Congress

7. ACHAP workshop on HMIS and Governance

The ACHA Platform will be bringing together several CHAs for a workshop planned for September 2010 whose focus shall be on governance systems for CHAs and member health facilities as well as health information management systems. We shall seek to learn from each other, strategies, approaches, tools and technology for enhancing data capture, processing, storage, retrieval, dissemination and use of health information to support decision making and accountability.

For more information on the conference refer to the important documents below:

8. ACHAP workshop on Advocacy and Human Resource in Health

The Africa Christian Health Association Platform will hold a CHAs workshop on Advocacy and Human Resources for Health (HRH) at the CHAK Guest House, in Nairobi Kenya on 29th – 31st March 2010.

Read on the Workshop on Advocacy and Human Resource in Health

Download the Registration Form


9. Church Health Services Coordinating Committee launched in Kenya

The Church Health Service providers in Kenya represented by Christian Health Association of Kenya (CHAK), Kenya Episcopal Conference (KEC) and Mission for Essential Drugs & Supplies (MEDS) have launched a Partnership Framework by the name of Church Health Services Coordinating Committee (CHSCC).

Read more: Church Health Services Coordinating Committe launched in Kenya


10. Christian Health Services Commission captures best practices on video

The Christian Health Services Commission (CSSC) of Tanzania is capturing various best practices on video; these include District Health Management Information Systems and how to best reduce neo-natal mortalities.

Read more: CSSC captures practices on video 


11. Managing Health Supply Chains in Africa

An effective supply chain will not only bring the direct cost of providing patient care down, but it will also offer a number of other important benefits, such as help ensure high availability, reduce counterfeits, increase responsiveness, increase resilience, increase choices, reduce waste, increase drug utilization, and play a role in reducing medication errors. A robust and effective supply system will relieve the caregivers of the duties and stress associated with concerns about medicine availability and quality, allowing them to focus on what they do best i.e. patient care.

Read more: Managing Health Supply Chains in Africa

12. ACHAP proposal receives funding support from partners

The Africa CHAs Platform strengthening initiative has received a major boost following the funding commitment by several partners from the North. At the 4th Biennial CHAs Conference held in Kampala in February 2009, it was resolved to strengthen the ACHA Platform to facilitate joint advocacy, capacity building, communication, networking and information exchange.

Read more: Achap proposal receives funding support