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(Updates are ongoing, please check again later for all the presentations)

 – Applied research and programs- Emory Univerisity


- Accelerated Integrated Management Healthcare Delivery, Access and Efficiency


- Building the Evidence Base on FBO/CHA Contributions: Rhetoric to Action – EPN


– Christian Health Association of Malawi- Building the Evidence Base of FBO’s From Rhetoric to action- Titha Dzowela


– Christian Health Associaiton of Liberia-  Supply Chain Management


- CCIH in Advocacy and Health


– Deborah Mc Farland From Rhetoric to Action- Emory University


– Engaging with partners- the case for Joint Medical Stores


 – Final list of proposed SDG indicators


- Health and Healing, the theoretical imperative- WCC


- Health and Sustainable Development- WCC


- Investing in Human Resources with a focus on Emergency Preparedness, Response and Resilience South Sudan


-  Partnerships through research- Jill Olivier




- Quality assurance in provision of essential supplies- Joint Medical Stores


- SGBV by survivors- Solange Mukamana


- WCC concept paper on comprehensive ecumenical health strategy


- WCC provisional annotated agenda Ecumenical Health Strategy