Attendees chat during the 8th Biennial Conference in Maseru, Lesotho in 2017.

Attendees chat during the 8th Biennial Conference in Maseru, Lesotho in 2017.

ACHAP members, acknowledging their unique roles as service delivery agents including achievement of SDG’s have dedicated their 8th Biennial Conference and General Assembly meeting to be held in Maseru, Lesotho in February 2017 to discussing “Building partnerships for FBO Health Systems Strengthening towards achievement of Sustainable Development Goals”. The conference aimed to create an opportunity for CHAs to reflect on their current contribution to health service delivery, the new global SDGs context, the challenges and the opportunities to scale up their contribution through building effective partnerships for capacity development, resource mobilization and systems strengthening.

The Conference objectives:

  • Reflect on the context of the SDGs and the implication to FBO health services in Africa
  • Discuss new challenges and opportunities towards universal health coverage
  • Share best practices in addressing critical health challenges · Discuss strategic partnership opportunities for health systems strengthening for SDGs
  • Identify mechanisms for building/documenting evidence base for FBOs contribution in health including building consensus on indicators ACHAP 8TH BIENNIAL CONFERENCE. MASERU.LESOTHO
  • To highlight and share successes of existing effective partnership frameworks/models between CHAs and governments, donors, academia, private sector and other CSOs.
  • To identify issues for joint regional and global advocacy for ACHAP and partner organizations · Provide opportunity for ACHAP to hold its 8th General Assembly business meeting and review progress made on the five-year Strategic Plan 2015 – 2019

The conference was an opportunity for participants, CHAs-ACHAP members to enhance their knowledge as well as strengthening their capacities on SDGs, partnerships and health systems. During the conference, a Consensus on indicators for FBO health services contribution documentation and strategy for data collection and processing were obtained. Another highlight from the conference was a conference statement with key messages and commitment for CHAs and Partners covering; Partnerships, resource mobilization, capacity building, advocacy and accountability.

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