Governance Structure

The CHAs 3rd Biennial Conference held in Bagamoyo, Tanzania in January 2007 established the Africa CHA Platform Secretariat through the “Declaration of Commitment”.

The ACHAP Governance structure has the following key organs:

General Assembly  that comprises all ACHAP members, and meets biennially to provide overall policy direction and elect Board members.

ACHAP Board  made of members elected by the General Assembly, who represent CHAs from four regions in Africa. The board is responsible for policy formulation, fundraising, approval of workplans and budgets, secretariat staffing, appointment of external auditors, review of programmatic and financial performance, and planning of ACHAP conferences.  

ACHAP Secretariat  located in Nairobi, Kenya, and responsible for the day-to-day operations of ACHAP, communication, and maintenance of the membership directory.