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ACHAP in partnership with Emory University empowered WASH Champions from 5CHAs from 5 African countries in Nairobi, Kenya

The Center for Global Safe Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene at Emory University (CGSW) developed an assessment tool to evaluate WASH conditions within health Care facilities in low- and middle-income countries. This tool is known as the WASH Conditions Assessment Tool. The tool helps to do the following: Develop a comprehensive overview of the status of […]

Two-day gathering of CHAs-ACHAP members with IMA World Health team in Nairobi, Kenya

IMA World Health, ACHAP key partner organized a two-day gathering(29-30 May, 2018) in Nairobi. Kenya of more than 20 representatives from several country offices and partners from the Africa Christian Health Associations Platform. The goal was to build capacity in storytelling, photography and communications ethics and to create a support and sharing network among field and HQ […]

The ACHAP’s Biennial Conference and General Assembly meeting in Yaoundé, Cameroon from February 25 to March 1, 2019

The ACHAP’s Biennial Conference and General Assembly meeting in Yaoundé, Cameroon from February 25 to March 1, 2019. Theme: Re-Igniting Primary Health Care: The role of ACHAP. In 1978, World Health Organization (WHO) collaborated with the World Council of Churches to formulate the Alma-Ata declaration, which affirmed Primary Health Care (PHC) as a vehicle to […]

CHAN, The Christian Health Association of Nigeria , champion in HIV related Stigma and discrimination reduction among Health workers.

In Nigeria, there was legislation against stigma and discrimination towards people living with HIV (the Anti-discrimination Act, 2014) after a 2010 HIV stigma index survey by the Network of people living with HIV in Nigeria (NEPWHAN), however a follow up on study in 2015 still concluded that stigma and discrimination was still high ranging from […]

Need to engage and train health providers towards elimination of stigma and discrimination in Nigeria

Reports of unethical treatment of PLHIV in healthcare settings including HIV testing without consent, unauthorized disclosure and breaches of confidentiality, labeling, gossip, verbal harassment, differential treatment and even denial of treatment. They are evident. Healthcare Providers also experience stigma and discrimination. Hence, it has been established that healthcare providers delay from accessing healthcare services because […]

ACHAP working with CHAN to increase demand and increase retention for HIV Services by engaging health workers in selected areas in Nigeria

The reduction of the HIV/AIDS-related stigma and discrimination amongst healthcare providers will be helpful for not only the marginalized groups, PLHIV and their associates, but also for the healthcare providers themselves. With 60% of all new infections in Western and Central Africa occurring in Nigeria and only about half the adults living with HIV being […]

TOTs – Training of trainers with health workers conducted by CHAN with the support of ACHAP in Nigeria

In the very beginning of July,2018 CHAN conducted a TOT with health workers on HIV protocols and stigma and discrimination with the following objectives towards eliminating stigma and discrimination in health care settings of the CHAN network by: Raising awareness on stigma and discrimination including in the context of rights for people living with HIV […]

Religious leaders included with the help of NINERELA

It is important to recognize the influence that religious leaders have on communities. For this reason therefore, as part of ensuring that communities are receptive to the renewed effort and commitment by health workers to reduced stigma and discrimination, CHAN is working with NINERELA, to sensitize religious leaders around targeted health facilities to mobilize their […]

8th Biennial Conference, Maseru, Lesotho, 2017

ACHAP members, acknowledging their unique roles as service delivery agents including achievement of SDG’s have dedicated their 8th Biennial Conference and General Assembly meeting to be held in Maseru, Lesotho in February 2017 to discussing “Building partnerships for FBO Health Systems Strengthening towards achievement of Sustainable Development Goals”. The conference aimed to create an opportunity […]

5th Biennial Conference, 2011, Kampala, Uganda

Theme: “Improving women’s and children’s health; FBOs response” for the conference.  In 2010, countries and the UN Agencies took stock of the progress made towards the attainment of the MDG goals at country level and globally. An MDG Summit was held at the UN in New York in September 2010 attended by Governments, UN Agencies, […]