Healthy Heart Africa

AstraZeneca’s Healthy Heart Africa (HHA) is an innovative programme committed to tackling hypertension and the increasing burden of cardiovascular disease (CVD) across Africa.

Partnering with local and global partners, HHA aims to improve access to hypertension care and was established with the ambition to be sustainable. To help achieve this, AstraZeneca provide branded medicines at a significant discount, but one that enables us to implement a no-profit/no-loss business model.

HHA aspires to reach 10 million people with elevated blood pressure across Africa by 2025, by:

  • Increasing awareness and educating around lifestyle choice and CVD risk factors
  • Training providers and driving care to lower levels of the healthcare system
  • Facilitating access to low cost, high quality branded anti-hypertensives, where applicable

In March 2021, HHA’s footprint in West Africa expanded with agreement to launch the programme in Côte d’Ivoire in partnership with ACHAP and the Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene. The programme will integrate into existing health platforms, working alongside the Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene to make a sustainable contribution to the fight against hypertension. It will support efforts towards the early detection, prevention and control of hypertension in Côte d’Ivoire.