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ACHAP Oct 2011 009

The Bagamoyo conference was an important meeting of 12 Christian Health Association’s from 10 African countries held at the Paradise Resort in Bagamoyo, Tanzania on 16-18th January 2007.

The Christian Health Associations (CHA's) and Church Health Networks had previously held two conferences; the first was held  in 2003 in Nairobi, Kenya which discussed the role of FBOs in scaling up HIV&AIDS response and Primary Health Care services and the second one was held in 2004 in Mangochi Malawi which discussed strategies for Health Care Financing and Public-Private-Partnerships. During these meetings, it became apparent that the mandate and challenges facing CHA's from different countries had striking similarities.

Thus at the 2007 Bagamoyo meeting, a decision was made by the Christian Health Associations from Africa to establish a platform that would become a vehicle for stronger voice in advocacy and to facilitate technical support, capacity building, networking and communication. This commitment gave birth to the Africa Christian Health Associations Platform (ACHAP). The Bagamoyo conference was convened to discuss the Human Resources for Health (HRH) retention crisis and Health Sector Reforms within the region.

The Bagamoyo conference reaffirmed CHA's commitment to continue the healing ministry of Jesus Christ, serving the poor and marginalized but also recognizing the need to care for care givers in a biblical manner. The conference recognized that much progress had been made since the previous meeting that was held in Malawi in 2004. The HRH-TWG had been established with support from IMA and funding from USAID through the Capacity project. The Bagamoyo meeting made the following commitment declaration; ESTABLISH AND STRENGTHEN A SUPPORT PLATFORM FOR  CHRISTIAN HEALTH ASSOCIATIONS’ IN AFRICA.

The meeting resolved that the Africa Christian Health Associations Platform (ACHAP) and it’s Secretariat be established to improve networking and communication between CHA’s and associated partner organizations in Africa and beyond. CHAK agreed to take up the mandate of establishing and hosting the secretariat in Nairobi under terms of reference that would be developed.

• The secretariat would begin small with a fulltime program officer fluent in both English and French languages.
• The platform would facilitate engagement on issues of common interest to CHA’s and would facilitate planning and hosting of subsequent CHAs biennial conferences beginning from 2009.
• A virtual platform for better communication would be developed and hosted by the secretariat with the support of partners
•  The Secretariat would facilitate and promote effective communication and collaboration among the CHAs and with development/collaborative partners from Europe and USA.
•  WCC, IMA, MMI, DIFAEM, CCIH and other partners working with CHA’s would facilitate lobbying and advocacy on behalf of CHA’s, FBO’s and Christian Health Services among Churches, UN agencies and donors at the international level.
•  CHA’s committed to make follow up on the HRH systems strengthening recommendations and the HRH-TWG was tasked to continue supporting this process.

The conference resolutions on Human resource management, governance, health care financing and sustainability were to be followed up by the various CHA’s for implementation within their country specific context.