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Becoming a Member

ACHAP membership is open to Christian Health Associations (CHAs), Church Health Networks (CHNs) and other Church Health Organizations (CHOs). These associations, networks or organizations refer to those founded/ owned/managed jointly or individually by Christian denominations namely; Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, Pentecostal or Evangelical. They shall be national in character. This implies an explicit mandate of the association, network or organization that enables it to engage in discussions and take decisions for and on behalf of its constituent members. In a country where there is a recognized nationally representative association, network or organization, for all Christian denominations, that association, network or organization shall be the only one eligible for ACHAP membership.

In a country where there is no recognized nationally representative association, network or organization for all Christian denominations then the nationally representative association, network or organization of the respective denomination shall be eligible for ACHAP membership.


The Church health association, network or organization may be representative of:

  • Health Care /Service delivery institutions, hospitals, clinics etc
  • Drug supply organizations
  • Health professional training institutions only or all inclusive

Church health associations, networks or organizations established for specific health issues at country level shall not be eligible for membership to ACHAP.

Benefits of Being a Member

Membership Benefits

  • Having access to strategic information. The members are made aware of new trends and topics pertaining to health care development, as well as having members having access to resources found in already existing networks.
  • Provide opportunity for exchange of knowledge and experiences, via conferences which open the door for business opportunities
  • Opportunity for networking with other members
  • Be part of a joint advocacy venture: the opportunity to be heard at a higher level, to be part of influencing and contributing to national and regional decisions
  • Being part of the leadership of a TWG (like MEDS and the TWG on Pharmaceuticals) hence influencing the quality as well the range of information on areas specific to a members line of operation.
  • Enlarged footprint; as part of the ACHAP network, one has access to contacts in larger areas of the African continent to supplements organizations own effort at expansion and penetration. 33 members in 26 African countries.

To become a member, kindly send a message to


ACHAP Members' Portal

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