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The Human Resource in Health (HRH) Hotline, is a monthly publication by the ACHA Platform that highlights current global, regional and national human resources for health issues.  The publication is supported by the USAID CapacityPlus Project and is circulated among ACHA members, partners, associates and has grown over the last two years to include  many other readers working in the health sector that interact with ACHAP in one way or the other.

Current editions




Previous Editions

   HRH Hotline 25th edition
 HRH Hotline 1st edition HRH Hotline 26th edition
 HRH Hotline 2nd edition HRH Hotline 27th edition
 HRH Hotline 3rd edition HRH Hotline 28th edition
 HRH Hotline 4th edition  HRH Hotline 29th edition
 HRH Hotline 5th edition  HRH Hotline 30th edition
 HRH Hotline 6th edition HRH Hotline 31st edition
HRH Hotline 7th edition HRH Hotline 32nd edition
HRH Hotline 8th edition  HRH Hotline 33rd edition
  HRH Hotline 9th edition  HRH Hotline 34th edition
  HRH Hotline 10th edition HRH Hotline 35th edition
  HRH Hotline 11th edition  HRH Hotline 36th edition
HRH Hotline 12th edition  HRH Hotline 37th edition
 HRH Hotline 13th edition  HRH Hotline 38th edition
 HRH Hotline 14th edition  HRH Hotline 39th edition
  HRH Hotline 24th edition

  HRH Hotline 41st edition