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TOTs – Training of trainers with health workers conducted by CHAN with the support of ACHAP in Nigeria

In the very beginning of July,2018 CHAN conducted a TOT with health workers on HIV protocols and stigma and discrimination with the following objectives towards eliminating stigma and discrimination in health care settings of the CHAN network by:

  1. Raising awareness on stigma and discrimination including in the context of rights for people living with HIV and the negative impact of stigma
  2. Supporting the enforcement of protocols and code of conduct (including the patient charter) that enhances patient rights and obligations at health facilities
  3. Support the enforcement of protocols and code of conduct that enhance the protection of health workers from occupational exposure to HIV

This will be achieved through developing a checklist for a stigma free facility environment and putting policies in place, having a code of conduct in place to guide HCW at workplace., conducting capacity-building programs for HCW to update their knowledge on HIV/AIDS, developing and action plan on S& D as well as putting on place a monitoring and evaluation program.
The training curriculum was adapted from other member UNAIDS, CHAs or from groups in Nigeria that have worked on stigma and discrimination. A pre and post-test questionnaire was also administered to the trainees.

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